We’re back in action now, classes have resumed, sports are back on TV, and the leaves. will soon be turning. Given this year is much different than what we have experienced before, many alterations will have to be made but there is no reason to sacrifice your workout schedule!

Fall is the most opportune time of the whole year to engage in physical activity! While there are many different forms of physical activity available in fall, the top COVID-19 friendly forms can include running, walking, biking, tennis, golf, and lifting.  

With the weather starting to cool down, this provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor activities. Many people tend to think that summertime is the best for running/walking, and while it is not a bad option, fall provides many more benefits. The first benefit being the lowered chance of heat exhaustion. Another great benefit of running in the fall is the reduced risk of muscle cramps. However, it is key to make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the course of the day. What’s great about running on campus is that there are tons of places to go! Some examples could include the woodsy trail by Perkins Stadium, the open field trail by the Wells residence halls, and taking a lap around all of campus! All of these options provide an easy way to plan out your distance to allow for a nice change of scenery. 

Other great outdoor option UW-W offers is our tennis courts! These are available day or night and can be played with two people allowing you to follow social distancing guidelines while still creating friendly competition between you and another person! Additionally, a great option that you can easily practice social distancing while doing is golf! Whitewater has many local golf courses, many of which are within a 25 min radius, including two right in Whitewater!

With us living in the great state of Wisconsin, we all know mother nature can have a mind of her own, making the weather very unpredictable at times. However, this is no problem for UW-W because our campus offers TONS of indoor options right over at the Williams Center. A very popular option being the Williams Center weight room, this facility is 12,000 square feet and can help you with all of your fitness goals! The facility has an 8,000 square foot weight area, featuring all the equipment you could need, and a 4,000 square foot cardio area. If you are worried about cleaning protocols due to COVID-19, the facility has cleaning wipes located all around the gym to wipe down equipment before and after use. Additionally, each session has a limited capacity and in-between sessions the Warhawk fitness staff goes through the whole facility and wipes everything down. Now let’s say you aren’t into colder weather, but still want to be able to run and keep that open feeling of not being on a treadmill. No need to worry because the Williams Center has an indoor track that is available for students with a gym membership.

Since you will now be taking advantage of all the fall workout opportunities, it is important to keep in mind what you are in taking before and after workouts. If you are an on-campus student, University Dining will quickly become your best friend. University Dining provides great healthy “grab and go” options giving you the energy for all of your workouts! Not living on campus? No worries because the University has a fantastic nutritionist on campus who will work with you to create a meal plan that works for YOU and will help you achieve YOUR goals. 

So, the next time you’re bingeing another season of your favorite show, take an hour out of your day to go outside, go to the Williams Center, find a nice golf course, and take the time to enjoy what’s around you while the weather permits. Now, go get that “fall bod” and start achieving your fitness goals!