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Yoga for Natural Healing

Today in the United States, people are turning away from the harsh treatments and chemicals that they put in their bodies. MAny people are looking for natural ways to heal themselves. This is so amazing because I have found that taking care of your body and giving it what it needs helps to heal your mental health and can even help heal your body. Yoga has helped so many people feel better mentally and physically.

An amazing example of this is how retired football players have begun to practice yoga. Many former NFL players suffer from CTE which can lead to depression. Along with the mental pain, their bodies are so hurt from the years of immense physical exhaustion they went through. It helps their minds and body heal. I think it is great that these men can find relief in yoga.

It is a natural healer for all. I think there is much to be said in natural healing. Whether it is yoga, vitamins, or oils, if chemical treatments are not for you, I encourage everyone to try to find natural ways to heal. Listen to your body, do what feels good!


  • Josie Ewers

    I am also a strong believer in natural healing. When I took a yoga class at the university last year, the instructor told us lots of stories of people she knew that had physical injuries that healed through their yoga practices. I don’t have any physical injuries, but my back does get sore from sitting at my computer doing school work. Yoga always relieves the stress and tension in my back and makes me feel a lot better (at least mentally if not physically). Thanks for sharing!

  • Matt Sisak

    This was kind of a cool and intresting blog, I dont know much about this topic at all and it was cool to read about. I had no idea that football players do yoga that often.

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