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Meditation is something that can be intimidating. As someone who struggles with anxiety, it can be challenging to unplug and just be alone with your own thoughts. I was scared of this as well before giving it a chance. Meditation is not about thinking, but more so about breathing. Like in yoga, breath is what can calm the body and mind. It sounds odd, but many of us do not take the time to really breathe properly. There are anti anxiety receptors in the bottom of our lungs, which is why when someone is panicking, it is common to hear someone tell them to “take a deep breath.”. Meditation and practicing breathing can really help to clear your mind. Just taking a quick 5 minute brake and focusing on your breathing can help to clear your mind, and improve your mood. There are so many apps that will guide you through breathing exercises. Just sit cross legged on the floor, turn the lights low, maybe turn your favorite music on low, and even light a candle and just breathe. Below I linked a video describing different meditation apps, take a look and find the app best fit to help guide you through quick meditation and breathing practices. Give it a try and see (and feel) the benefits for yourself.

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  • Josie Ewers

    This was such a helpful (and informative) post! I have participated in guided meditation in a couple yoga classes in the past but I’ve never done meditation on my own. I have heard of a couple meditation apps that were mentioned in the video you included (like Calm and Headspace) but never tried them out myself. After reading this post I may just try them, though!
    Also, I had no idea that there were anti-anxiety receptors in the bottom of our lungs, which totally makes “take a deep breath” make sense! Thanks for sharing!

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