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Yoga as a Natural Anxiety Relief

As someone that has struggled with anxiety for many years, I have found that the natural remedies seem to always be more beneficial for me than the pharmaceutical route. Every one is different, but this could be helpful for you. I started doing yoga as a way to help relieve my anxiety. There are tons of yoga practices specifically targeted to relieve anxiety. A common natural remedy for anxiety is to get moving and stay active. Yoga is perfect for this because it is also a very relaxing way of being active and getting your blood flowing. The practice of Asana Yoga poses can help to relieve the physical discomfort caused by anxiety, which would create a sense of ease in the body. Specific poses target anxiety and stress. Below are a few poses that will help with anxiety relief. Also check out our anti anxiety tab on our home page for more help.



  • Shae Morelock

    When everything was shut down in March and April due to covid, and I was feeling anxious about being stuck home all day with not much to do, I would always begin each day with a yoga routine. Doing this really put me in the right mindset and helped me relax, so I can really relate to this blog post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ben Yang

    I feel like anxiety has really increased due to what is happening in the world right now, and specifically, in the U.S. This is a great way to relieve that stress and relax a bit!

  • Josie Ewers

    While I don’t consider myself a person with anxiety, I certainly do get stressed out occasionally, and the pandemic we are living in has not helped. I have definitely found that yoga helps me relax and focus when my mind feels all over the place. Thanks for sharing these specific poses, I’ll have to try them the next time I feel stressed out!

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