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Spanish Context

Spain is considered to be a high context culture, meaning people take the context of the place you are in both physically and geographically to interpret what you are saying. Verbal cues are important, but they are not the only things to remember to consider when talking to a Spaniard!

Take a look at the quiz above to calculate your high vs low context communication scores. The bigger the difference between the two, the harder it can be to communicate across that barrier. Tips for traditionally low context people travelling in a high context culture include:

  • Consider social differences between you and the person you are communicating with
  • Understand social pressures that you or they may be facing
  • Try to read the context around what they say, rather than taking everything at face value
  • Confirm what you mean with the person you are communicating with to avoid unnecessary confusion

Keep these tips in mind, and you should be set up to communicate effectively with Spaniards abroad!

Fashion in Madrid

Madrid is a global fashion hub, akin to Milan or Paris. As such, fashion is taken very seriously, and I have compiled some tips for both guys and girls who want to look their best in the Spanish Capital.


  • Look like athlete off the clock
  • Fresh haircut, clean shave
  • Sports jerseys at bars, no gym shorts though
  • Skinny / slim jeans always in style
  • Can roll up ankles of pants
  • Espadrilles without socks in style
  • Sunglasses or hat to protect from summer sun – no baseball caps
  • Joggers popular
  • Leather jackets popular
  • Lightweight scarves in the fall


  • Overall conservative country, style over flashiness
  • High-waisted pants in style, oftentimes brown
  • Pair pants with neutral color blouse
  • Tucked in lightweight t-shirts
  • Stripes common and popular
  • Chunky sneakers popular
  • Light flowy layers for women in harsh sun
  • No low cut dresses or short shorts
  • Overalls are chic
  • Lightweight scarves in the fall

Remember – Madrid is a trendy city! Urban fitted looks will go a long way towards looking like a local. Beyond that however you decide to style yourself in the Spanish capital – remember to be confident! Rock your style.

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Euro Vs. Dollar

As of writing this, the Euro is valued at $1.18 USD (Amadeo, K. 2020), meaning things are slightly more expensive in Europe and Madrid specifically when compared to similar items in the US. Keep this in mind when preparing for your trip. Bring what you can from the US, because you will be paying slightly higher prices abroad!

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