Fashion in Madrid

Madrid is a global fashion hub, akin to Milan or Paris. As such, fashion is taken very seriously, and I have compiled some tips for both guys and girls who want to look their best in the Spanish Capital.


  • Look like athlete off the clock
  • Fresh haircut, clean shave
  • Sports jerseys at bars, no gym shorts though
  • Skinny / slim jeans always in style
  • Can roll up ankles of pants
  • Espadrilles without socks in style
  • Sunglasses or hat to protect from summer sun – no baseball caps
  • Joggers popular
  • Leather jackets popular
  • Lightweight scarves in the fall


  • Overall conservative country, style over flashiness
  • High-waisted pants in style, oftentimes brown
  • Pair pants with neutral color blouse
  • Tucked in lightweight t-shirts
  • Stripes common and popular
  • Chunky sneakers popular
  • Light flowy layers for women in harsh sun
  • No low cut dresses or short shorts
  • Overalls are chic
  • Lightweight scarves in the fall

Remember – Madrid is a trendy city! Urban fitted looks will go a long way towards looking like a local. Beyond that however you decide to style yourself in the Spanish capital – remember to be confident! Rock your style.

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