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Languages in Spain

Spanish is the primary language spoken in Spain (Imagine that!). However, something not a lot of people realize is that there are various dialects of Spanish spoken across Spain. Think of it as someone from Britain who knows English, visiting Texas. They speak the same language, but it still may be difficult to translate!

Spanish is a romance language, meaning it has original ties to the roman empire. Other romance languages include French, Italian, and Portuguese. As you can see, Catalan is spoken on the east coast, while Galician is spoken in the north west. Basque is spoken in the north-central areas of the country.

In Madrid, they speak Castilian Spanish, which is the most widespread dialect. 99% of Spanish speakers in Spain speak Castilian as either a first or second language (, 2019). Hallmarks of Castilian Spanish include saying th instead of c or z. An example of this would be cooked fish, spelled pescado. In Latin America, this would be pronounced pes-ka-do. In Spain, however, it breaks down like pes-tha-o. It can be fun to say!

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Hello World!

One of the first things to note when considering a country or city to visit for any kind of trip is the climate and geography, as this will determine clothing you bring and experiences you may expect for just a couple of things.

This is a breakdown of Spain by cultural region. You will find a trip to Madrid differs significantly from a trip to Catalonia or Andalusia even!

This map depicts spain topographically. As you can see, Spain fluctuates between altitudes and climates rather dramatically! Madrid has a continental climate (, 2021). The city is surrounded by high mountains that can make rainfall from the oceans somewhat hard to come by. This contributes to very hot summers and very cold winters. (, 2021)

Also shown here are Spain’s neighboring countries, Portugal and France. You’ll also notice that at the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain comes extremely close to Africa. This proximity leads to a prevalence of African culture in the south parts of Spain.

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