Tapas!!! (And Other Foods)

One of the things you are sure to encounter abroad is Tapas. They are a placeholder for small snacks on bread, served hot or cold, in most bars around Spain. Because dinner is served so late in Spain, it is not uncommon for people to bar hop between being done with work and dinner, or even to have these tapas for dinner. There are even entire districts dedicated to each type of bar serving a unique tapas!

As you can see, there are a wide variety of toppings for tapas. When going out with friends, you can make night of bar hopping and trying different tapas, as they are a very good conversational food. The unique culture around tapas that has developed in Spain is something anyone travelling abroad should certainly experience.

Beyond tapas, Spain is home to a rich and diverse culinary variety. Being on a peninsula, seafood is a big part of their culture. This culminates in paella, a dish that varies by location but usually consists of rice, shrimp, and veggies. Usually it is made in huge batches and the whole community eats together! A great place in Madrid is La Paella de la Reina, with more of a mediterranean influence.

Madrid has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from! Some more can be found at this list below:


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  1. Wow, this article really made me crave some tapas! I love how the culture surrounding them in Spain is so unique and social. I can’t wait to go bar hopping and trying different types of tapas on my next trip to Madrid.

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