Rituals in Madrid

Every culture has rituals. Before you automatically assume that I am saying that everyone in Madrid is in a cult, just know that that is not the sense I am using Rituals in. Rituals are simply cultural norms practiced on a wide scale that set a standard.

One such ritual would be the traditional Siesta. In Spain, it is commonplace to eat up to six meals a day! The biggest of which is usually El Almuerzo, or lunch. Historically, Spaniards would take a break in the middle of the work day to go home, eat food with family, and rest. This is a norm practiced frequently during the workweek, making it a cultural ritual. This practice has faded over the years, as Spaniards have moved to favor a traditional workday, but it is still accepted in some industries.

Another example of a ritual would be going out with friends. If you go out for dinner, usually you actually go out around 9 or 10 pm, and return around midnight or 1 am. There is much more prevalence to night life with friends in Madrid than in the US traditionally.

Given the different pace of Madrileño lifestyle, it is no surprise that they have various other rituals and norms compared to the US.

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  1. Great article, it’s always interesting to learn about the cultural norms and rituals of different countries. The Siesta tradition in Spain is particularly fascinating, it’s a reminder that taking a break and spending time with family is important for both physical and mental well-being.

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