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Nov 19 2017

Traveling To A Concert in Chicago

Hello again!

On Wednesday I went to a Niall Horan concert (YAY!!) and had the time of my life. But, seeing as I run a travel blog and last weeks posts were about road trips I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write about my trip down to Chicago for a concert, how I saved money, and just how much fun it was!

First things first, I’m sure your first question is “how was the concert?” and let me tell you, IT. WAS. FANTASTIC. Oops, I can feel my inner fangirl coming out. Seriously though, I would recommend seeing him when he comes to Chicago again next summer and make sure to say hi to me there!

But anyways, onto the traveling part.

I live about two hours away from Chicago when I’m away at college in Whitewater, WI. There’s really no way to save money when it comes to gas unless you travel with someone else, which unfortunately I didn’t do. But, Illinois is known for it’s toll charges, which can rack up quite a bit. My tips for you when it comes to driving are as follows. Taking back roads is always an option and you can avoid those tollways completely, this is what I did when I went from Whitewater to my best friends house. But, if you need to get on the highway the easiest way to save money is to get an I-Pass. Having one of these not only saves you time with not having to stop and get all of that change out, but the prices are reduced when you use an I-Pass over paying cash! Score!

There are other ways to save and I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets. The biggest thing has to do with where you are staying. I save time, money, and sleep by staying at my best friends house, who lives just outside of the suburbs and I recommend that as a easy way to save money in any location you go to! Another way to save money is to travel with a friend so that when parking comes up the prices are reduced, instead of having to pay $20 for parking you only have to pay $10! Lastly, save money but not spending it on the overpriced food at the event! Usually, venues will let you have free water or there are water fountains around, take advantage of those! You can spend up to $50 just from buying food, eat before you go!

I had so much fun at this concert and being able to get away from school in the middle of the week and I recommend you try it out yourself!

Until next time,


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