Dec 03 2017

When in LA: Cheap But Fun Activities

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Hello again!

Over the past year I’ve been to Los Angeles, California twice. During these times I’ve done tons of activities and I also have tons of activities I would like to do when I go back next.

Hopefully that’s soon.

These activities were all things I, a broke college student, did so you know they’ll be affordable. So, without further ado let’s just into different activities you can do and the prices they cost!

  1. Hiking. It’s FREE. We went hiking by the Hollywood sign and let me tell you it was such a fun and beautiful thing to do. The view over LA is incredible and all it costs is the car ride there.
  2. Sight seeing. It’s FREE, for the most part. Once again, the only cost is the ride there. We went up to the walk of fame and walked our way down a few blocks, finding cute cafes and murals to take Instagram worthy photos by.
  3. LA Museum of Art – $25 or less which is not bad for any museum price
  4. Beach – FREE and you’re in California. There are so many beaches to choose from. I recommend you go for sunrise or sunset
  5. Santa Monica Pier – $0-100. This costs what you make it. You can walk on the pier and beach for free but if you want to go on rides or eat food it’ll cost you.
  6. Venice Canals – This is something I haven’t done yet, but it’s free unless you want to get a ride!
  7. In-N-Out. Not really an activity but like, go.

There are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles and the prices range. You can make an itinerary based on your budget, google is your friend!

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