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Nov 12 2017

Road Trips: All You Need To Know

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Hello there!

Road trips are one of my favorite things to go on. You have all of your best friends in one place and make the best of memories. I could make of list of my best moments and I would bet my road trips would be on the top 5 list.

But, before you go on a road trip there are plans you need to figure out no matter how big or small. Without further ado I’m going to give you a quick check list of things you need to figure out before you get in that car and drive off!

  1. People coming on the trip
  2. Where you’re going
  3. How much time you have to go on said trip
  4. Do you have all the materials you need
    1. have you packed correctly
    2. do you have enough money
  5. How you’re going to split the costs
  7. Have a good group of people you’ll have fun with

Now, this is just a quick run down but these are all super important things no matter what the road trip is, you want to pack right and be prepared. I hope you go on a road trip soon and have the most fun!

If you do, be sure to leave your experience in the comments below!

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