Pro Tip Tuesdays

How to Save More Energy!

One of the most effective ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is by conserving energy. While it may be common knowledge to people that you should always have lights turned off in rooms you aren’t currently in, it actually goes farther than that. Leaving your electrical items turned on/plugged in when you are not using them uses up energy for absolutely no reason at all. For instance, after you finish charging your phone, it is likely that you leave your charger plugged into the socket. Well, despite your phone not being plugged in, the charger is still sucking up a bunch of energy. This goes for any other kind of electrical that you don’t use all the time, for example: coffee makers, blenders, extension cords, etc. When you are finished using them, unplug them! It’s as simple as that. Getting into the habit of doing this will not only benefit the environment, but your wallet as well! You would be surprised how much energy you can save by following these simple tasks.

If you’d like to take it a step even further and you have the means, invest in eco-friendly technology and renewable energy. This will dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, your home’s carbon footprint!

That’s it for this week’s Pro Tip Tuesday! 🙂

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