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Ditch the Plastic Bags

I cannot stress this one enough guys: REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS. I recommend these not only because it is important that we cut back on our single-use plastics, but also because reusable grocery bags are incredibly convenient. In my college town, we only have a Walmart to buy our groceries from. That meant that every time I would go and get a bunch of groceries, I was leaving with 6-10 plastic bags full of stuff. I would have to make extra trips from my car to my apartment to get everything inside; and it was just an all-around inconvenience for myself as well as the environment. I finally decided to purchase some reusable canvas grocery bags on my way out of Walmart one day. They were extremely cheap, so I went for it. Since doing so, I am able to fit all of my groceries into 1 to 2 bags. They are sturdy, durable, and a lot easier to carry than those circulation-cutting plastic bags. You can find reusable grocery bags everywhere: at grocery stores, on Amazon, you name it, and for pretty cheap too. You can also buy reusable produce bags to put your fruits and veggies in instead of those lame, flimsy plastic bags.

Sometimes, however, I inevitably forget my reusable grocery bag at home and am forced to use plastic bags. Fortunately, a lot of grocery stores (I know Walmart does for sure) offer large bins at their entrances to throw all of your plastic bags into. I usually store the plastic bags I have used somewhere at home, and when I know I am going to Walmart again I bring them with and toss them in there.

Think about all of the plastic you typically generate from grocery shopping. Now think about how much you generate in a month’s worth of grocery shopping. You can eliminate a huge majority of that by just taking these simple steps, and I promise, you won’t believe how nice these bags are compared to plastic ones. 🙂

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