Pro Tip Tuesdays

Eat Local!

Buying local food is a growing movement that has many environmental benefits. One of the most important benefits of buying local food is that it reduces your food miles. When you buy produce or meat from a grocery store, it is more than likely that these products have traveled over 1000 miles to get to you. That’s a lot of CO2 missions. Luckily, buying local greatly diminishes this footprint.

Upon doing research for one of my classes, I stumbled upon a website called EatWild. Basically, it is a huge database for you to find locally grown produce and meats in your area. It gives you lists of farms including their location, phone number, prices, etc. Plus, it has tons of other information about the benefits of organic and locally-grown food. With the weather warming up, I am definitely going to take advantage of this website and check some places out. 🙂

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