Will We Survive Our Reputation

After reading the article, it’s going to be very tough to escape our past thanks to all of this technology. With how quickly bad press can get out on a company, why would they run the risk of hiring someone with a bad reputation? I think with all of the information out on people, I think its a right amount of information online because I think people should have the right to know things about things that they might not want to tell me. People will have the right to post what they want online, but it doesn’t protect them from the consequences. It gets brought up a lot with freedom of speech which protects people from being thrown in jail by the government. However, people often forget that it still has it’s consequences. With the ability to look at a screen and figure out what exactly to say, people shouldn’t say something that could jeopardize their future. Before people hit send, they should go back and reread what they posted and think, “will this post come back to haunt me in the next 5 years?” However, I understand that times change and so does people’s opinion. People shouldn’t get crucified over a post they made about 5 years ago. People make mistakes and we should learn to forgive for mistakes. We shouldn’t forget their mistakes though, instead we should learn from them. I think this new technology has allowed humans to become better at crafting statements online so that way they can’t get haunted by them. People will just have to stay smart online and don’t do anything that would affect them in the future.

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