UW-Whitewater Wins Hard Fought Basketball Game

On Saturday, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Men’s basketball team survived a scare from Alma (Mich) college. The Warhawks came from behind to defeat Hope 101-97 in overtime.  

Although Alma came into the game with a record of 0-6, Whitewater head coach, Pat Miller, knew Alma was better than what their record stated.

They’ve played an amazing schedule, all ranked teams and one division two team so I knew they were very capable.”

Due to Alma’s hot shooting, the Warhawks went into halftime trailing by one. The Scots shot over 50% from the field and made ten three pointers in the first half. Senior guard Malik Clements had high praise for Alma’s offense.

“That was one of the best teams that I’ve ever played with as far as ball movement.”

Alma’s ball movement left Whitewater’s defense scrambling for answers. Coach Miller tried many different looks on defense to slow down Alma’s offense.  

“We tried to steer them into the middle of the floor, tried to contain them that way and that was ineffective, and we even thought about playing zone. What we finally did was back up our man to man to the three point line tried to take away some of their penetration.”

Senior forward Melvin Brown Jr. knew the Warhawks had to get stops on defense to get the Warhawks back into the game.  

“We just had to get stops; like stops is the key. Get good defensive possession without getting fouls.”   

Frustration began to show for the Warhawks as Brown Jr. picked up a technical foul. Brown Jr. knew he had to relax and help contribute for the team.  

“It’s hard to keep your composure, but you can’t let the defense see that it’s getting to you. You just gotta man up and move to the next play.”   

Brown Jr. made two free throws with eight seconds left to force the game into overtime. In overtime, the Scots took the lead, but the Warhawks scored six straight points to pull away for the victory. Malik Clements was happy the Warhawks never gave up and continued fighting.  

“We just have a never give up mentality, and when you have that we know basketball is a long game. All what we had to do was just one stop at a time.”

Melvin Brown Jr. finished the game with a team high 29 points and eight rebounds. Although the Scots shot well from outside, the Warhawks won the battle in the paint, scoring 52 to Alma’s 26 points.  

Malik Clements finished the game with 20 points and six rebounds. Senior guard Andre Brown and senior forward Derek Rongstad both finished the game with 16 points and eight rebounds. Senior guard David Sachs finished the game with 12 points, four rebounds and three assists.  

The victory brings Whitewater’s season record to 7-0. Whitewater travels to Ripon on Saturday where tip off begins at 7 p.m.

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Monona Grove Spoils Milton’s Homecoming Game

On homecoming week, the Milton Redhawks were defeated by the Monona Grove Silver Eagles 35 to 0. The victory brings the record of Monona Grove to 7 and 0 on the season. Milton’s record falls to 2-5 with the loss.  

Monona Grove’s defense suffocated Milton’s offense for only 14 rushing yards and 54 passing yards. On offense, Monona Grove exploded for 291 passing yards and 151 yards on the ground. Jordan Bishop, quarterback for Monona Grove, finished the game with a quarterback rating of 150.2 and three touchdown passes.

Monona Grove drives down the field against the Milton defense

The most exciting play for Milton came on the defensive side of the ball. Senior cornerback Dalton Soergel made an excellent pass break up to save a touchdown. The play led to an MVP chant from Milton’s student section which got Soergel and the team fired up.  

“Dude that was great, it really got the team hyped and we thought we could use the momentum to help us win the game.”

Soergel, playing in his last homecoming game, enjoyed this homecoming the most.   

“That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had. Having all of those fans there and having the team that hyped to try and go out and win the homecoming game for them was great.”

Milton celebrated homecoming week with activities night, a parade, dress-up days and multiple pep assemblies. The week culminated with Milton’s homecoming dance held on Saturday night.    

  Even though the Redhawks lost, many alumni showed up to for the homecoming festivities. Cosette Bergeron and Kaitlin Larson could notice the difference between being an alumni vs a student on homecoming.  

“Well, we were cheerleaders (in high school) so it was a little different,” said Bergeron, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Rock County.   

Larson, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, participated in her first homecoming as an alumni. Larson attended the parade, pep assembly and the game which brought back memories.

“It was sentimental and melancholy being like aww we used to do that,” said Larson.

The Redhawks will have to get over their melancholy quickly as their next game is against the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks. The game will be played on Friday for the Hawk Bowl Trophy.

Monona Grove will play at home against Stoughton on Friday. The Silver Eagles are currently tied with the Watertown Goslings in the Badger South standings. Watertown and Monona Grove will finish the year playing each other in Watertown.   

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Post 11 Photography

For my research project, I wanted to capture students using technology while doing homework. This was an easy task to accomplish because all I had to do was go into an area where students hang out and take pictures. However, I didn’t want all of them to be of students just sitting around on their phones. I tried to make the pictures unique in their own way by making each picture different than the last picture.

To accomplish this goal, I would take a picture of someone on their phone in class. Then I’d go into the hallway and take a picture of someone on their phone waiting for a class to begin. Also, I wanted pictures of students socializing on their phone, and I wanted students on their phone/laptop doing homework.

Not all of the students I took pictures of were on their phone. Some students I took pictures of were of students working on homework. I wanted these kinds of pictures because my generation is criticized for being on their screens too much. These photos show not all college students are looking at their phones being anti-social. Instead, it shows that students work hard for their grades and aren’t on their phone constantly.

Video Project Blog

For my video presentation on technology, I wanted to see if I could get a different opinion then what I got on my audio. I talked to a research librarian and a sixth grade teacher to see if they could offer any different information. I was curious to see what the teacher had to say about technology because of how younger kids are becoming more tech savvy. Especially being in the sixth grade, these students are still trying to figure out when it’s appropriate to use their phones.

One thing that I liked hearing from my interview with the librarian is how she compared technology today to technology back when she was in school. She talked about how new technology makes it easier to do research papers because of how easy it is to copy and paste. Compared to what she had to due when she was in school because she had to manually cut out paper and paste it on to her paper. After hearing her story, it made me appreciate technology because I never thought of doing research like that and I’m glad I don’t.

The sixth grade teacher was more skeptical of technology helping students but did see positives with it. She liked how technology can be used for turning in homework and getting instant feedback. Also, she had shown frustration of her students not fully using their resources to figure out problems. I understood her frustration because I’ve used technology before to figure out problems that made me stuck. Both of the people I interviewed offered different perspectives of technology that was different than the college students I interviewed.

Blog 9 Audio Project

For my audio project, I wanted to compare college students together to see how they use technology. My project was about if technology distracts or helps students get their homework done. I wanted to see if the two college students I interviewed had any differences between them. One of the students is a first year student in college and the other student had completed one year of college before taking a year off. A similarity I noticed before I even started interviewing them is I could see how tech smart they were.  

The student I interviewed, who was taking the year off, had a lot of positive things to say about technology. He mentioned how convenient technology was for getting homework done. Some of the examples he talked about were looking up examples of problems if you aren’t understanding what the instructor is teaching. Another thing that I agreed with is how if he needed to change something on a paper, he could quickly use his phone to change it. The reason why he sees technology as helpful is due to the convenience.

The other student I interviewed mentioned how much he used his laptop for completing homework. The way he talked about his laptop, it almost seemed that he had a deep connection to it. However, after I thought about how I use my laptop for homework and I use it a lot for homework too. As a journalism major, I type a lot of essays on my computer and use the internet to listen to music and look up research. I agree with what he said about using his laptop a lot because I use it too.  

A reason why college students use technology to get homework done is due to the access these students have. Universities come with computer labs, WI-FI, and free printing to help students get their homework done. If the resources are there for college students, they might as well use them.