Calahan Steed Week 1 readings

Our readings for week 1 were about how much technology impacts our lives by keeping us connected. In “Love Online,” it’s about two teenagers trying to date across the nation. ┬áIn “It Takes a Village to Find a Phone,” it’s about an entire nation together to help a women get her phone back. New technology allows us to come together by just a push of a button. We still have network of groups that allows word to travel around but now with a push of a button, word can spread quicker. With the new age of technology, just pressing one button can help get the information out to different networks of people who might care for the information more than I did. That’s why it’s called the architecture of participation because even doing something so little, can go a long way of building something. I think people get motivated to share information online because it’s so simple to do so. All what people have to do now to get their opinion out is just click some buttons. However, it is easier now to have information get exposed but its the risk of being connected so easy. The most important lesson to take away from the articles is we have to be careful with all of this technology. It can be a blessing, but it can be a curse too.

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