Week 3 Readings

After reading the articles about humans being possibly detached from one another, I believe that we’re more attached to people’s profiles then the actual people themselves. People still care about one another, it’s just we seem to now just look at other people’s profile to see how their doing. In  “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”, Marche argues that we’re getting disconnected from our close friends. This isn’t true because when I see my close friends, we engage in actual conversations and don’t just look at our phones. However, Marche is on to an idea because I only look at someone’s profile to see how their doing instead of just asking them.

Even though I look at their profiles to see how people are doing, that still isn’t the best way to judge someone. People act different online then they do in real life. In the Facebook article with the drag queens, sometimes people want to have a separate profile because them online is different then how they act in real life. I try to use my profile to make my life look appealing to the outside world. However, I don’t want to overshare on Facebook, but some people share more on Facebook then they do in real life. I don’t want to overshare on Facebook because I don’t want to let out information about me that my close friends barely even know about.

There’s not a whole lot of privacy online and that’s why I don’t share very much. I see other people that share way too much information online whether that’s personal information or non personal information. Future employers also look at what’s been said online and I don’t want that to hurt me in the future. People aren’t authentic online which I why I really don’t trust anybody online. We just don’t know who we’re talking to and it’s really easy to scam people. Facebook profiles have been hacked by people all around the world and that’s why I try not to share my information. I don’t want it used by some random person across the world that’s using my information for their personal gain.


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