Blog 5

I have a good amount of experience conducting interviews for projects. Back in high school, I was apart of a web series for my school called Hawk Talk. Even though it was mainly used for comedy, I still had to contact people to get interviews from them. I got better at being more professional about asking as I would let people know in advance. This is something that I needed to learn for the real world as people want to have an organized interview where they can prepare and not feel bombarded. The show also helped with my interview and editing skills as it was part of a video production class. I would have to figure out what the important questions so I didn’t waste anybody’s time on non-important questions. I learned how to expand off original questions to see if I could get better answers and give me more content to work with. Even though I could gather more content, I still had to properly edit the interview to the required time length. I didn’t want the interview to be too long because it would make the episode long, and I didn’t want the interview to be too short because then it would leave out a lot of good content. I figured out how to make a successful interview in a short amount of time because of that class.

Getting interviews for New Communication Technology hasn’t been that difficult. I figured out who I wanted to interview and I figured out questions I wanted to ask. The only problem that I’ve encountered is scheduling the interviews. Everyone has different schedules to deal with but what is nice about this assignment is that the interviews aren’t very long. The people that I’ve contacted to interview, I told them that the interviews wouldn’t be very long. That’s what has been helpful in getting people to be interviewed is that I’ve told them I only had a couple of questions to ask them. However, I would expand off their answers to one of my questions and that would get me more content.

Taking the pictures has been tough because I’ve just been taking photos of random people on their phones. I have to take the photos quick because I don’t want to be judge by the people on their phones. With many students using technology, I want to try and not have the photos be all of the students on their phone. However, there have been so many opportunities to capture students on their phones while doing homework.