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Agrace Thrift Store

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*This review is of the Agrace in Janesville exclusively

I don’t often go to a lot of curated stores because I like to search for the best items myself. However, I do enjoy coming here when I don’t have the longest time to thrift or feel like rummaging through numerous racks like at Goodwill. I feel like I can always find something here and the quality of the items are basically brand new so what could be better? (other than thrifting in your pajamas, in bed… I mean sometimes, you just have to leave the house to thrift, okay?)

Agrace is set up like a cute little boutique and offers other items besides clothes and accessories, like dishes and furniture. You truly feel like you’re shopping in a higher-end store. It’s adorable and quaint.

Here are the pros and cons of Agrace Thrift Store:


Selection- I do appreciate that their selection is curated and the fact that everything is in great condition. I really can’t complain about that, especially when their white T-shirts are actually white and not stained. I also feel that this is a great place to start if you’re just getting into thrifting or shopping secondhand.

Clean- This is just a given by now. Agrace is set up like a little boutique so of course, it’s clean.

Rewards Club- Agrace has a punch card and for every $10 you spend you get a punch. It takes 10 punches, so $100, to get $10 off your next purchase.


Pricey- I adore this place but sometimes, being a broke college student, some items are still a bit pricey, but on the other hand, they’re basically brand new. So is that a con? You tell me.

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