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Pieces I’m Looking For

Since my last post was about pieces I can never find, I wanted to tell you about the pieces that I am looking for. And can hopefully find. Because I am in the midst of the semester when everything is due at the same time and then exams will be coming. I will be stalking thredUp to find the pieces I want to add to my wardrobe.

I am also in the midst of rebuilding my wardrobe, so most of the pieces I’m looking for are basics. But I would like to find some blouses to hopefully go on some dates in–well, a girl can dream anyway.

Anyways… here is the list of the items I’m hoping to find on thredUp:

  • A Gray Sweater- I really want a basic gray sweater to dress up or down. I feel like this piece would go far in my wardrobe since it will match the color scheme I stick to.
  • Leggings- I just need ones that aren’t see-through.
  • Dressy Black Booties- I have two pairs of black boots and am looking to replace 1 pair and add another. I feel these are a must when dressing up and living in a cold climate because they are close-toed.
  • American Eagle Highest Rise Skinny Jeans- These jeans actually have a high enough rise to sit at my waist– I have a long torso and short legs.
  • Date Night Blouses- I just want some blouses to boost my confidence when I go on a date. Who doesn’t?
  • Basic Tops for Layering (tanks, Tshirts, Longsleeved Tshirts)- All of mine have holes in them and just need to be replaced.

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