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Thrift Tips

So I have talked an awful lot of what to thrift or items I want to thrift, the list goes on… However, I have yet to share my favorite thrift tips of how I actually get all of these items. As I’ve said before, I have been thrifting for what seems like forever, so I feel I am qualified to share some actual tips.

So here they are, my thrift tips *finally*

What to bring- A fully charged phone, backup battery, headphones, water bottle, and a snack. I make sure when I go thrifting to bring all of these things because I am fully aware, I could be there for a few hours. No joke.

When to go- Go as soon as they open. There are usually a few people who line up in front of the door, be one of those people. I hate getting up early, but if I have a good reason to, then I’m usually happier about it. I just add a cup of coffee to everything else I’m bringing.

What to wear- I usually wear a “real” bra (not a sports bra), jeans, shoes that are easy to put on and off, a cami or a T-shirt, and wear my hair up (possibly in a baseball cap). Makeup is debatable.

Go to the section you love the most, first– For me, it’s the shoe section. I love shoes. I am also a popular size, so that can make things difficult. What I also do is instead of looking for my exact size, I look for shoes I like, then check the size.

Smallest Size- When I thrift clothing, I start in the smallest size I am for tops/bottoms. I then work up to bigger sizes.

At least two sizes bigger- Look all the way from the smallest to the biggest size there is. Why do this? Vintage sizing. Vintage sizes are different from sizing today. Usually, your size in vintage is two sizes bigger than you wear now.

Look for colors, textures, and patterns- I am not a person who looks through every single item. I have a color pallet I stick to with my wardrobe. Therefore, I just look through those colors. From there I look for colors that don’t look faded or off-color. I also look for interesting textures and patterns.

If you kind of like it, put it in the cart- I have also made this mistake. If you kind of like it, just put it in your cart. You can always sort through the items you try on.

Take everything into the fitting room- I have made the mistake before of not brining in everything or not bringing the whole cart in. Some people go through other people’s carts. So if you can, bring in every item in your cart. If you have a certain number you can bring in 1. bring in your favorite items first 2. park the car directly outside your door 3. bring a friend, or ask someone in line if they can watch your cart.

Be nice to the cashier and the other employees- in a world full of rude people, don’t be one of them. Happy Thrifting.

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