Top Three Dramatic Dinners

If the Housewives can guarantee us anything, it’s that they bring the drama, especially over a nice sit-down dinner with a private chef and catering staff. Here are my three favorite dinners that were less than calm.

#3: Crazy Kelly at Scary Island

It’s no secret that Kelly Bensimon is one of my least favorite people in Real Housewives terms. Her drunken (and probably drug-induced) state resulted in a major match between her and our dearly beloved Bethenny Frankel on the girls’ trip to St. John. Kelly accused Bethenny of trying to kill her in her sleep. I’m sorry but if I thought someone was going to try to kill me, I wouldn’t be going on trip after trip with them. This was the time that Kelly also told Bethenny that she was “nothing but a cook”. Which we all know is far from true. Although today it seems that Kelly has her head on straight, that dinner really showed the world what kind of person Kelly Bensimon is: creepy, drunk, and mentally ill.

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#2: Crystal Meth and the Psychic

Now we move to the infamous “Dinner from Hell”. Ms. Camille Grammar decided it was a wonderful idea to not only invite a foul-mouthed Brandi Glanville to her dinner, but also a Craigslist psychic who told Kyle her husband will “never emotionally fulfill her”. Before the psychic and her e-cigarette got their 15 minutes, Ms. Glanville said some of the most famous words ever to come out of any Real Housewives franchise. “At least I don’t do crystal meth in the bathroom all night long, bitch!”. In Brandi’s defense, Kim did take multiple trips to the bathroom that night. Do I think it was crystal meth? No. Do I think she had a gram of blow up her nose? Of course! These are the Real Housewives we’re talking about. They are some of the most drugged up people in this world.

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#1: Teresa’s Table Flip

Drum roll please………… of course I HAVE to mention the iconic table flip. In all honesty, I have nothing to say about this except for: if you know, you know. “Cop Without a Badge” and “Prostitution Whore” are the only things I have to say.

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WATNW – Kelly Bensimon

Ah yes, it’s that time of the week again. This week, we are highlighting a not only a housewife, but a model, a mother, and an overuser of the word “creepy”. Kelly Bensimon bulldozed her way through seasons two through four of Real Housewives of New York.

Kelly’s time as a housewife was as short as her temper, but she has made a lasting impression on all fans of the show. If she wasn’t taunting Ms. Skinny Girl Cocktails herself, she was eating gummy worms and drinking vodka while blaming others for her feelings. In my honest opinion, Kelly ranks as one of the worst housewives, she’s right at the bottom with Carlton. I think one of the reasons why I didn’t like her was because she would constantly put people down for their public or private lives they were living. One of the biggest turn offs for me was when she said to Bethenny, “You are not a chef. You are a cook. It’s creepy”. For a woman who wants to be a role model to her two daughters, she sure does a lot of tearing other women down, instead of building them up.

Scary Island

As I looked to Instagram to see what Ms. Bensimon has been up to, it seems that she is minding her own business. When she’s not selling her jewelry line, she’s taking her dog for walks around town. She seems to be a firm believer in mask wearing (HALLELUJAH) and looks like she is enjoying life with her daughters by her side. All signs point to her staying in her own lane, something she should have done in 2009.

With the good, the bad, and the ugly, let’s grab our sour gummy worms and raise one for Kelly Bensimon. Someone we will never forget, but damn are we glad she’s gone!