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WATNW- Kim Zolciak-Biermann

With the new season of Don’t Be Tardy airing last night, of course I have to check in on Ms. Kim ZB for the first installment of “Where Are They Now Wednesday”! Kim Zolciak Biermann went from Real Housewife of Atlanta cast member to the star of her own reality show back in 2012, and personally, I am so happy that happend. She’s beauty, she’s grace and her wig is always in place.

We have got to applaud Kim for being one of the original Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she stuck with the group for five season, later appearing in seasons nine and ten. Iconic moments of hers include: the infamous “Big Poppa”, the multiple hit singles that are still bops today, and her red solo cups.

Now, to be KIM-pletely honest, I love her way more now on Don’t Be Tardy than I ever did on RHOA. The drama of having an excessive amount of children, a hubby that still has yet to be signed to an NFL team, and a lesbian chef is the type of drama I never want in my life. If she’s not stressing about the twins starting their first day of school, she’s stressing about 23-year-old Brielle who half lives in a downtown ATL apartment and half lives at home. I think the only sane member of the Biermann family the dog (but, like, the one who didn’t bite their toddler son).

Kim seems to be thriving. If she’s not promoting teeth-whitening kits on her Snapchat and Instagram, she is busy commenting on her children’s social media posts and posting pictures of her and Kroy giving serious PDA on all of her social medias.

Let’s raise our chardonnay-filled solo cups to this week’s former housewife. All the best to Kim, Kroy and their plethora of children. Mazel!

2 thoughts on “WATNW- Kim Zolciak-Biermann”

  1. I never thought their marriage would last. Kroy is thoughtful, genuine, down to earth, talented, good looking & kind.
    Kim early on showed signs of narcissism,
    constant major over spending & not respecting Troy when he asked her to not spend so much on things they don’t need. She treated Kroy like a good looking bottomless bank. Kim kept wanting things her way, with no respect for what he wanted or for financial limitations. She spent thousands on faux Xmas decorations & Kroy wasn’t happy. “It’s always what you want” he said & she kept complaining & undermining him. She treats Kroy like he’s her hot prize after all of her plastic surgery & she manipulates him via sex. They have different values. Kim is pretty yet
    a self-absorbed narcissist. She cares more about her wigs & his money than about Troy.

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