Research series:

College Level

Here are some of the topics we have lined up (all meetings are in HH 4301)

  1. Monday Feb 2 from 12:00-1:00. HH 4301

Impact of Research. Many of us hope that our research will have a lasting impact in expanding the body of knowledge, enhancing the education we provide to our students and even perhaps helping the society we serve. In this panel we will be having Denise, Yamin, and Sameer share some ways to really make a difference. In research we all sometimes get a bit discouraged. We hope this will inspire you to embark upon new/creative projects that will “rock” the field.

For those of you interested in joining via webex (, please join in/log in between 11:45-12:00. If you are having any difficulties in terms of hearing us, please come in through the phone line as opposed to the computer. You may need to install a plug in if you have not used webex before.

Please make sure that you mute your microphone when not speaking.

  1. Monday Mar 2 from 12:00-1:00.

Publishing in Tier I journals. Ever wondered what it takes to get an A+ publication? Learn from our fellow colleagues what the best strategies to employ, the resources and time required, if connections with the editor help, role of special issues, and types of articles preferred.

Balaji, Pavan, HC and Praveen will provide unique insights given their successful “hits”. Furthermore, if you have a paper you are thinking about sending or have a very major revision at an A+ journal, the panel would be able to give you some advice.

  1. Monday Mar 30 from 12:00-1:00.

A World of Methods. Were you trained in one type of methodology, but are now curious of other approaches. Does your data call for a new and unique ways to analyze – but you are not quite sure how to proceed. In this workshop we hope to have a panel of experts in case you would like to explore a new methodology or even gain a better understanding of the range of research methods. We will explore, mathematical/operation research, surveys, case study, action research, literature reviews, and so on. Have you thought about multilevel, braided, quasi-experimental research?

Based upon our discussion we would have the opportunity to expand our discussion in the remaining two open slots: Monday April 13 and April 27th.

Department Level

I am hoping in our new department we could start a research series and open it up/work with the college research presentations.

I would like the workshops to be a creative and learning experience for all. We need to explore new methods/approaches, question what our research is all about and work across departments and even colleges. I would like to move away from the traditional model of research presentations.

Here are some of the topics I am hoping to line up.

  1. Moving beyond journal rakings and citations: examining the social, economic and environmental returns of our research.
  1. Making sense of the past and organizing for the future: literature reviews, classifications & typologies.
  1. Inductive vs. deductive: a question of qualitative research.
  1. What do famines, history, ants and supply chain management have in common? Moving beyond our silos.
  1. Have you thought about multilevel, braided, quasi-experimental research?

Let us make this a fun and creative series.

Do you have any suggestions? Additional areas to explore?