I am quite comfortable working with a wide range of methodologies and people from various functional areas. For example, I have employed a variety of methodologies including simulations, archival data analysis, empirical surveys, case studies and typologies. In addition, many of my co-authors have had specialties in environmental sciences, biology and history. Correspondingly my publications have also appeared in a variety of outlets including cross-disciplinary, management and science related journals. Below are some publications classified by the methodology employed.

AI and Neural Networks

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Case study

2016 Prasad, S., Zakaria, R., Nezih, A. Big Data in Humanitarian Supply Chain Networks: A Resource Dependence Perspective, Forthcoming in Annals of Operations Research.

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Field Experiments

2011 Mishra, S., Vasudevan, P., Sharma, S., Prasad, S. Biofencing- an Ecofriendly Boundary Wall. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 70, 727- 731.

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2016 Prasad, S., Jaffe, J., Bhattacharyya, K., Marshal, D. The Dynamics of Power and Governance Structure on Global Supply Chains Through the Lens of the East India Company, in review Journal of Business Logistics.

Literature Review, Classifications and Typologies

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Operations Research & Quantitative Methods

2013 Altay, N., Prasad, S., Tata, J, A Dynamic Model of Costing Disaster Mitigation Policies. Disasters, 37(3), 357-373.

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Theory building

2015 Tata, J., & Prasad, S. CSR Communication: An Impression Management Perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 132(4), 765-778.

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