Industry Presentations

2015    Prasad, S. From Rustbelt to Greenbelt: The Role of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. APICS-RAKES.

2014    Prasad, S. Operational Strategy of Hub and Spoke intervention. APICS-RAKES.

2013    Prasad, S. Solid Waste Supply Chains in Developing Countries. APICS-RAKES.

2012    Prasad, S., Murthy, S., Worthington, N., Multi-Value Streams and The Role Of Hub ‘n Spoke: The Case Of Feeding, Healing and Educating the Rural Poor School Children of India, APICS-RAKES.

2011    Prasad, S., Burkhard, L. Project Management and the Non-Profit Sector. APICS-RAKES

2010    Prasad, S., McCathy. Project Management and Poverty Alleviation. APICS-RAKES

2010    Prasad, S., Yates, P. Using Supply Chains to Reduce Third World Poverty, ISM- Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2009   Prasad, S. Lean Supply Chains and Small Businesses, ISM- Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2008    Prasad, S. Reducing Poverty through Fair Trade Supply Chains, ISM- Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2007    Prasad, S. Sourcing of Scarves from Micro-entrepreneurs in Developing Countries, APICS – Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2007    Prasad, S. Disaster Relief and Poverty Nexus, Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recover, World Bank, Washington, D.C.

2006    Prasad, S. APICS International Outsourcing Workshop, APICS – Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2005    Prasad, S. Kaizen and the Meaning of Life, APICS – South Central Wisconsin, Janesville.

2005    Prasad, S. APICS International Outsourcing Workshop, APICS – Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2005    Prasad, S. Lean Manufacturing and Happiness, APICS – Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2004    Prasad, S. Globalization of operations – implications for you and your children, Keynote speaker to the Regional APICS conference – Chicago, IL.

2003    Prasad, S. Global Outsourcing, APICS – Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI.

2002    Prasad, S. Supply Chain Management Conference, APICS – Milwuakee/Whitewater, Whitewater, WI.

2001    Prasad, S. Quality Management & International Operations, APICS – Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.

2000    Prasad, S. Global Quality Management: a Managerial Perspective, APICS – Rockford, Rockford, IL.

1998    Prasad, S. International Sourcing and Logistics, APICS – Rockford, Rockford, IL.

1997    Prasad, S. International Inventory and Logistics Systems, APICS – Chicago, Buffalo Grove, IL,.

1995    Prasad, S. A dynamic model for quality cost, American Society for Quality Control – Lower Rio Grande, Edinburg, TX.

1994    Tata, J., Prasad, S., Thorn, R. Status of TQM programs in the Rio Grande Valley, Joint ASQC & APICS meeting (Rio Grande), Weslaco TX.

1993    Prasad, S., Tata, J. The Effectiveness of TQM in Multinational Corporations, American Society for Quality Control – Lower Rio Grande, McAllen, TX.

1991    Prasad, S., Deligonul, S. Time Series Methods to Detect Out of Control Points, Kodak’s Advance Controls Group, Rochester, NY.

1991    Megerle, P., Prasad, S. An Expert System to Enhance a Quality Control Monitoring System, Rochester Society for Quality Control Annual Conference, Rochester, NY.