Impact of Research

Creating high impact research requires determination, creativity, curiosity and risk taking. At present I have published approximately 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Some of my works have appeared in the very top journals (see table below) in my field– including the Journal of Operations Management[1] (ranked 1 in SCM). You may also view citations of my articles at google scholar.

Journal Number of Publications Rating (Australian Deans list) Impact factor
Journal of Operations Management 2 A* 7.72
European Journal of Operational Research 2 A* 2.62
OMEGA 4 A* 3.62
Information and Management 1 A* 3.39
International Journal of Operations and Production Management 4 A 1.51
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 1 A 2.92
Decision Sciences 1 A* 1.56
International Journal of Production Economics 1 A* 2.54
Annals of Operations Research 1 A 1.41
Journal of Forecasting 1 A 0.95

I have found value in collaborating with scholars in areas beyond supply chain management, and have branched out to other fields such as ethics (Journal of Business Ethics)[2], entrepreneurship (International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour) and disaster management (Disasters). Furthermore, as per google scholar my research has been cited 1376 times at an average rate of 20 citations per article. This number is bound to grow. Another measure of journal quality and impact is the ABDC Journal Quality List 2013, whereby I have 11 publications that are noted A* and 9 that are rated A. Finally, the best way to gauge the quality of research is the actual impact it has had on diverse global communities.

[1] UT Dallas top 24 business journals and FT rankings.

[2] FT rankings.