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What is Going on in the 2019-2020 Premier League Season?

There has been so much uncertainty and unrest in the world let alone the sports world. As things are seemingly crawling back to normalcy, what about the Premier League?

The league has yet to decide the future but it appears that FIFA, UEFA, and the English FA are making every effort to play out the remaining games. There are 9 game weeks left in the season, but when could it restart? As these ideas are coming along, there also is a lot of distress and opinions against the idea of the Premier League returning.

What we know: There would be no games in the month of May as players are returning from their respective countries and need to conduct the mandatory 14-day self-isolation that is required by all traveling outside of the country. On top of that, the players have been out of training for nearly two months. There are growing concerns about their fitness and physical health outside of, you know, contracting the Coronavirus during this worldwide pandemic. Growing reports are saying that they have to train in groups of no more than five and must wear PPE gear during said training.

How does this make sense as a result? It doesn’t. You can only train with 5 people and have limited time out on the training ground, but once games are being played, it goes back to 11 v 11 with 4 referees and about 16 coaches on the sideline with their 7 subs on the bench. That is a roughly estimated 56 people on and near the field. This is also excluding the game-day staff behind closed doors.

For football to resume there will be a lot of controversy and dangers involved. At what point do we say that this situation is bigger than football? These players have families too. They are not here solely for our entertainment.

Premier League and the Coronavirus

It seems like nowadays there is one thing that you cannot escape from- Coronavirus. The sporting world is feeling the effects of it deeply. In Italy, they have suspended their respective league and have had multiple cases within teams. As it has progressed over time, the Premier League has decided to carry out the remainder of the season behind closed doors. This is an attempt to keep players and staff safe.

On top of that, the Champions League and Europa League appear to be suspending the campaign altogether. This instance has never happened before and appears to be one of the craziest things to happen to the sporting world without being related to sports in quite some time.

This blog will be affected by the Coronavirus as well because I will be changing it to update on the Premier League in relation to the virus and the next steps to take within the league.

I apologize for the change but we all must adapt and move forward together.

About Premier League Roundup

This blog is based solely on the Premier League, which takes place in England. This is the best league in England for soccer, otherwise known as football.

The Premier is one of the most competitive leagues for football and is conveniently the most accessible football league to watch in the United States besides the MLS.

This blog will cover the major games taking place on the game week, the most exciting game and just any news and updates that are relevant to this blog. On weeks that there are no games, I will cover what the Premier League is, the rules that are in place, and some history within the league.

There may be a few words or phrases that do not make sense, please feel free to ask for clarification! I will do my best to make this blog welcoming and inviting for all readers.