What is VAR?

VAR has been introduced to the Premier League for the first time this season. VAR stands for Video Assistant Referee. Although you probably have been used to video reviews, football and reviews are a bit different.

For starters, VAR is used to review any obvious mistakes from referees on the infringements of fouls leading to goals, offsides leading to goals, handballs, and red card offenses. On top of that, most sports have challenges. Football does not. This makes it up to the league referees which only fuels the conspiracies that the Premier League is a cynically corrupt league. Throughout the first few months of VAR in the league, there were definitely pain points with beautiful goals being controversially ruled out.

All in all, VAR was brought in to make the right calls, but in the end, it has only divided people’s opinions on the topic of VAR and football. In its sophomore season, there will need to be drastic changes to the process of VAR in order for it to be labeled a success in modern football.

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  1. Logan Meyer on April 16th, 2020

    I like this new VAR, because it will make a fair game. Now there is no chance for missed calls or anything, which is nice and a good way to know that the players are playing a real equally matched game. Although, I feel that the challenges can make the game more interesting and keeps you on your feet. But i think this is a good addition to the league.

  2. Joshua Versh on April 17th, 2020

    No matter what the game of football or any sport comes up to make the game fairer, there will always be controversy. VAR is supposed to make the game fairer and give things a second look. But it still takes time to get things perfect and VAR is not quite there yet.

  3. Ryan on April 19th, 2020

    VAR is an interesting addition to soccer, but even though it may make the game more fair, it slows down the play and takes something away from the game. The use of VAR needs to be consistent, and not if the VAR ref says to review. If it is being looked at, the center should look regardless of the situation. Many calls have been blown, even with the replay.

  4. Ethan Maurice on April 30th, 2020

    I hate VAR!
    Funny that Spurs were handed an early season goal against Man City, only for them to lose a game the next weekend on a controversial VAR allowed goal.
    Football is a poem.

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