Premier League and the Coronavirus

It seems like nowadays there is one thing that you cannot escape from- Coronavirus. The sporting world is feeling the effects of it deeply. In Italy, they have suspended their respective league and have had multiple cases within teams. As it has progressed over time, the Premier League has decided to carry out the remainder of the season behind closed doors. This is an attempt to keep players and staff safe.

On top of that, the Champions League and Europa League appear to be suspending the campaign altogether. This instance has never happened before and appears to be one of the craziest things to happen to the sporting world without being related to sports in quite some time.

This blog will be affected by the Coronavirus as well because I will be changing it to update on the Premier League in relation to the virus and the next steps to take within the league.

I apologize for the change but we all must adapt and move forward together.

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  1. Ryan on March 15th, 2020

    Its unfortunate that all the leagues have postponed. But it is funny that this is all happening when Liverpool is about to win the league.

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