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Sorority Spotlight: Sidney Moerchen

What Greek life means to me is a second family and a home away from home. When I first came to college I did not have a ton of friends or a real place to call my home in Whitewater. Once… Continue Reading →

20 Reasons to Go Greek

20 Reasons Why you Should GO GREEK! There are many reasons to join a sorority, but here are 20 of my favorites!  These are 20 reasons why I joined Greek life, why I stayed in Greek life, and why I… Continue Reading →

Badge Attire

  For examples of badge attire, check out this Pinterest board

Badge Attire on A Budget

Needle in A Hay Stack It may take you a while to find something that fits your vibe, but thrift store finds are great when shopping for badge attire on a budget. Something Old Take a gander at some estate… Continue Reading →

Sorority Spotlight: Taylor Brazell

If someone were to have told me…3 years ago, that I was going to join one of the largest sororities on campus, become President elect for the Panhellenic council…and take on a leadership role in one of the most esteemed… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Picking a Planner

Your Lifestyle Make sure your planner fits your lifestyle.  Your planner should be organized to best fit how busy your days, weeks, or even months are. Your Personality You will spend a considerable amount of time looking at your planner,… Continue Reading →

Empower Your Sister, Empower Yourself

Joining a sorority can have many benefits including personal development, professional growth, sisterhood, and list goes on.  One of the main skills I have been able to gain is  the ability to empower those around me.  I have learned how… Continue Reading →

Jazz up That Resume and Get That Job!

Jazz up that old resume of yours, show employers why you stand out, and GET that job!  The best way to get their attention is to show them something different.  Provide examples of your Greek Experience that have taught you… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Stay Organized

Pick A Planner Pick a planner that fits your lifestyle.  Check out my post on picking the perfect planner for more ways to find the best fit for you! Create A Daily To-Do List Creating a daily to-do list early… Continue Reading →

How to Market Yourself!

Dress to Impress First impressions are very important, so remember that the way you represent yourself on the outside can often times change the way people think about your as a whole.  Proper badge attire can help you to present… Continue Reading →

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