Jazz up that old resume of yours, show employers why you stand out, and GET that job!  The best way to get their attention is to show them something different.  Provide examples of your Greek Experience that have taught you the most.  If you are anything like me, you will have a lot to choose from, but if you have less, don’t worry.  You can add your chair positions, committee appointments, executive board positions, and even the work you have done with your Panhellenic.


Use a new template, dress it up with some color, and print it off with some of that fancy resume paper.  Remember that every details you pay attention to gets you closer to that dream job of yours!  Make each line, color, border, and position listed matter.


Here are a few tips I have for creating this new resume:

  • Use a template like the ones I found at http://canva.com
  • Pick one without a picture.  These can be an issue for HR and remember, they should judge you on your experience, not your appearance.
  • Select a template that shows a little bit about your personality.  Maybe pick your favorite color, layout, or any other one that fits your vibe.
  • Stay away from patterns as they can be too busy.
  • Keep it simple and easy to read.

Check out a few examples that I have made using http://canva.com.