Joining a sorority can have many benefits including personal development, professional growth, sisterhood, and list goes on.  One of the main skills I have been able to gain is  the ability to empower those around me.  I have learned how to empower my sister, my friends, my family, and even myself.

Empowerment is a key component to entering the workforce.  You can be a valuable employee by empowering your coworkers to be their best, by empowering yourself to go the extra mile, and by being a positive role model to others.

Empowerment is not only given to others, but it can also be given to oneself.  When it is given to other folks, it can be a source of support and assist in a paradigm shift, or rather a change in point of view.  When empowering oneself this change in point of view allows a person to focus on a solution, instead of fixating or overthinking the challenge at hand.  Focusing on the positive and attainable goals increases productivity and creates a healthier environment for one to live in.  Empowerment for me is a way to uplift others, while maintaining my own healthy mindset.