20 Reasons Why you Should GO GREEK!

There are many reasons to join a sorority, but here are 20 of my favorites!  These are 20 reasons why I joined Greek life, why I stayed in Greek life, and why I want you to join!

  1. Time management skills – with the amount of philanthropy work, community service, sisterhood events, and socials, you will learn how to manage your time effectively so you can not only participate in these activities, but you can also excel in your studies.
  2. Develop professional skills- you will learn parliamentary procedure, dress in business casual/ business professional clothings, and learn ways to conduct yourself in a professional setting through Greek life.
  3. Organizational skills- with the busy schedule you will have, organization will be put at the forefront.  Your sisters will help you to learn ways to stay organized.
  4.  Leadership skills- you can take on chair positions, executive board positions, positions in your chapter, or even in your council.  These will help to enhance your leadership skills.
  5. Event planning- sororities plan a lot of events.  Someone has to plan them, so why not you?  You will learn how to plan an event that is successful and has a purpose.
  6. Event marketing- with the numerous events you will get to help plan, event marketing will be critical.  You will have hands on experience with event marketing that you can discuss with your future employers.
  7. Event managing- you will get to manage an event and help with everything that goes into it.  You will get to help with the staff, the program, the speaker, the fundraiser, and all of the above.
  8. Volunteer management- with the many community service events that are put on through sororities, you have the chance to manage the list of volunteers.  You can recruit sisters to help out the community, record their service hours, and help them to be the best volunteer they can be!
  9. Public relations- being in a sorority means you will have to represent yourself and your chapter well.  This goes well with the skills needed for a public relations position.  In order to recruit more women, you will need to have good PR.  In addition, each sorority generally has a specific PR Chair that handles their social media and website-THAT COULD BE YOU!
  10. Recruitment- sororities go through recruitment all the time, and so do companies.  You can use your knowledge of recruitment to land a job in HR and at a staffing firm.
  11. Empowerment- YOU have the chance to empower other women, while they empower you.
  12. Support system- the support system is important because it is not just for emotional support, but personal, professional, and moral support.  A sorority will give you this!
  13. Educational opportunities- there are so many speakers, events, seminars, and classes you can attend that only Greeks have access to.  These alone are a good enough reason to go Greek!
  14. Conferences- conferences like AFLV (the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Conference) could be FREE for you to attend if you get more involved in your chapter and council leadership!
  15. People skills-you will meet and interact with so many people.  This will enhance your interpersonal skills and make you a stronger person.
  16. Networking- Not only will you meet sisters while in college, but you will meet advisors, alumni of other fraternities or sororities, as well as other people who may come in handy when you start looking for that first real job.
  17. Money management- paying your dues on time can help teach you how to manage your money, but you can also become the treasurer of your chapter or council to practice financial responsibility.
  18. Community service- community service hours are so fun and a great way to connect with your sisters, as well as the community you live in.
  19. Philanthropy- philanthropy is a great thing.  You are helping others, and learning important skills while doing it.  Planning philanthropy events, learning how to work on a team, among other skills are important when working towards raising money or volunteering for your philanthropy.
  20. Resume builder- all of these points listed above can help you to build your resume.  Take a look at my “Jazz up that Resume and Get That Job” post to find out ways being Greek can beef up your resume.