Dress to Impress

First impressions are very important, so remember that the way you represent yourself on the outside can often times change the way people think about your as a whole.  Proper badge attire can help you to present yourself in the best way.  Check out our badge attire post for more tips!

Don’t Flood them with Information

Keep it simple.  It is critical that you articulate on your experience and background, but do not tell them your whole life story.  Make your responses impactful and concise.

Tell them A Story

Part of marketing is telling a story.  Convince them that they want you and they want to be a part of YOUR story.  Less is still more in this case.  Make your story intentional and specific to who you are talking to.

Play up Your Strengths

Your weaknesses are certainly something you should be aware of; however, practice playing up your strengths.

Be Charismatic and Approachable

Remember to be yourself!  Show them your genuine personality and demonstrate how charismatic and approachable you are.  Don’t stress too much, if you are relaxed and are representing your authentic self, they will love you!