Writing A Letter of Recommendation

Writing a letter of recommendation for a fellow Greek sister can be a daunting task, but with these few tips and tricks, you will be all set!

The first step to writing a successful letter of recommendation is to ask for their resume.  It is important to highlight the accomplishments they have had, while demonstrating their personality, strong suits, and skillset.  Look over their resume and determine which components relate to the position they are applying to the most.  If they do not have much content on their resume, highlight the ones they do have listed.

The second step is to explain a bit about their personality as it relates to the role.  If they are applying to a position where organizational skills are needed, demonstrate how they are organized.  Provide an example or some form of evidence to support this notion.

The next step is to give your reasoning why this individual would be the best candidate for the role.  It is important to be genuine with your statement, as well as the reason behind it.  Although you want to play up their strengths, it is key to play up the ones that you genuinely believe they possess.

Writing a successful letter of recommendation does not have to be hard.  Looking at their resume, the position description, and playing up their strengths will prove to be beneficial.