Take Advantage of that Open Opportunity

You are only this young, this free, and given this many opportunities one time in your life-that time in your life is now.  Take advantage of all of the amazing things that life will present you as a member of the Greek community.  Don’t be the person who ends up saying, “I wish I would have…”


Do the things that interest you.  Take on that chair position not because it relates to your major, but because it is an area that makes you excited to be in.  Be on the committee that you will give your all to.  The more your position interests you, the more you will put into it.  Remember, that they say, ” to receive much you must give much.”  The more you put into your committee, chair, or executive board position, the more benefits you will receive.


Check out our post about the 20 reasons to go Greek to see what specific skills you can gain by taking on that leadership role.  Also, look out for a post which will be coming soon, highlighting the list of positions you can take on and what benefits they have.