Writing Your First Resume in College

It can be difficult writing your first resume in college.  You may not want to keep old information from your high schools days on your resume, but without it you may be unsure of what content to add.  Here are a few tips along with an example.

  • Create an about me section that highlights your personality and how it relates to some of your strong suits.
  • Make sure to add the approximate date of your graduation.
  • Contact information is very important.  Your potential employer needs an easy way to contact you.
  • If you have a personal website, make sure to add that!  This will give them another place to look at your work and it will give them an opportunity to learn more about you.
  • Look at the leadership ladder to determine ways to start building your resume.
  • Be sure to explain why the position you are adding to your resume is important.  Highlight some of the key responsibilities.
  • Ask a friend, a sister, and an advisor to review your resume before you send it out.  It is important to get multiple perspectives to be sure it is ready for your future employer to see.

Writing your first resume in college can be very challenging, but with these tips, and the support of your sisters you will breeze through it!  Good luck, stay empowered, and check back soon for more professional tips & tricks from Panhellenic 2 Professional!