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5 Tips and Tricks to Handling Your Social Media
  1. Keep your photos clean- Remember that it is important to keep your photographs free of any drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances.  In addition, any behavior that could be deemed inappropriate should not be depicted as well.
  2. Don’t overshare- Your social media pages are not your personal counselor.  You should be able to express yourself, but if you are utilizing social media as a way of coping with something, seeking professional help might be more beneficial for you.
  3. Finstas are still forever- Your “fake” Instagram account is online forever.  You may think that it does not represent you, or that it cannot be traced back to you, but it can.  Employers are not ignorant, and they can find it.  Behavior on a finsta account can be very damaging for yourself, as well as others.
  4. Be Kind- It is important to remember to do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.  Being kind online is very important.  It can reflect on your personality, and your character poorly if you are not.
  5. How would you feel about this 10 years from now?- how would looking at your content 10 years down the road make you feel?  Many of our posts are made in the heat of the moment, but if we take a few minutes to think about how we would feel about them at a later date, we may think twice.