04 Aug

COVID-19 Impacts on Wisconsin’s Nonprofit Sector

The UW-Whitewater Institute for Nonprofit Management Studies and the Helen Bader Institute at UW-Milwaukee are co-leading a statewide series of surveys of COVID-19 impacts on the nonprofit sector, a collaborative effort that includes a number of participating UW-system researchers.

In April, the first of three surveys was launched, garnering over 500 responses from leaders in nonprofits from all regions. Institute Director Dr. Carol Brunt contributed to the production of the first state-level report released on May 18th and co-authored the Human Services sector-specific report.  Megan Matthews contributed to the sector-specific report on how COVID-19 is impacting Wisconsin nonprofit Arts organizations, as part of the larger statewide research.  One of the goals of a sector-specific report is to gain stories of how organizations within a sector are being impacted by COVID-19 financially, programmatically and in the area of human resources.

The second survey is available through August 9 – click here to participate. Results from the second survey will be available in late August.

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