Packers making a trade before the deadline… Maybe?

Packers rumors: Green Bay tickled by idea of trading for Will Fuller

With the NFL trade deadline coming up on Tuesday, there has been lots of talk about the Packers making a push to add that last piece to the team and make a Superbowl run. There were rumors for a little bit about possibly adding another edge rusher like Wisconsin native JJ Watt from the Texans, but that was shut down fairly quickly. An edge rusher would help but with the inconsistencies in the wide receiver positions for everyone not named Davante Adams, it’s probably best to trade for another offensive weapon. The most recent name to come up is Will Fuller V. When he is healthy, he has shown that he can be an amazing option to throw to and would help elevate some pressure for Adams.

Fuller is a young, fast receiver that makes plays down the field. As a 26 year old player, he has 490 yards, 5 touchdowns, and is averaging 15.8 yards per catch this season. He is explosive and would be a solid number two option in the wide receivers. I am sure that the 35-20 loss the Texans received from the Packers might help nudge him to want to play for a better offense. Now this is all speculation at this point and apparently no deal talks are official, but the Packers are confirmed to have inquired about him. However, the Texans are not in full fire sale mode and looking to trade their number 1 receiver for nothing. I do not know what it would take to secure Fuller but I feel a second round pick or a third round & a fifth round pick would be a fair trade. A solid wide receiver would greatly help the Packers chances of competing for a Superbowl and with the trade deadline coming in a few days, it is imperative they make the push and finally go all in on a championship.

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  1. If the Packers can manage to acquire JJ Watt into their roster I feel like they would become a very dangerous team, even with the possible addition to Fuller. Having averaging almost 16yds a catch is really impressive.

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