Packers lose Nail-biter in OT and fall to 7-3

Packers started off last Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts with a commanding lead of 28-14 lead going into the half. By the start of the 4th quarter that lead had been cut to 28-25. The colts tacked on another field goal and on the second to last drive of regulation they scored another 3 points giving them a 28-31 lead. With 1:30 left on the clock, Aaron Rodgers was typical Aaron Rodgers and marched the Packers offense down the field in time to kick the game-tying field goal to make it 31-31. The Packers got the ball first but sadly, Marquez Valdez-Scantling fumbled the ball and put the Colts in position to kick the game winning field goal.

Aaron Rodgers had said it best, that was like a playoff game. They are a good team this year and will most likely be making the playoffs with a good seed. MVS was visibly upset with himself for the fumble knowing it was partly his fault they lost that game, but that was not enough for some people. Fans took to twitter and he received multiple death threats from fans. This makes me upset as a Packer fan because at the end of the day it is just a game! I can understand being mad at the guy but you don’t think he’s mad at himself already? In an interview after the game, Aaron Rodgers made an amazing comment and said that every single play in a game is the difference between winning and losing. He said if he or another player made a play earlier in the game then they would not have gone to OT and that could go for anyone on the team. He also said that after the game he took MVS aside and told him they would not have gone to OT and had a chance to win the game unless he caught the 40 yard pass on 3rd & 10 in the middle of the field to help set up the game tying field goal.

No matter what, it was a tough loss but it was game that we could learn a lot from. Our defense showed great spurts but we need to be better in the run game. Our offense was clicking but needs to commit less turnovers. If our defense is strong and we don’t hand the other team the ball, there isn’t a team in the league that we can’t beat. I’m predicting this close loss to be our last loss of the season.

One thought on “Packers lose Nail-biter in OT and fall to 7-3”

  1. Lukas,
    Loosing to the Colts was tough. By taking that early lead, I think it made the Packers too comfortable. On the bright side, it looks like the Packers toughest game left until the playoffs is against the Titans!

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