Classic Packers and bears rivalry ends the way it usually does

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The Packers vs Bears rivalry is the oldest and one of the best rivalries in all of football. Although Packers have mostly dominated this rivalry in history, the Bears have given us a run for our money in the last 20 years. A prime example of this was 2 years ago when Aaron Rodgers went out in the first quarter and the Bears dominated the Packers the rest of the game. Aaron came back in the 4th quarter and put up 28 unanswered points to lead us to victory. Well, this Sunday was a different story. Going into the half, the Packers were up 29-10. They put up 14 more unanswered points in the 3rd and the Bears scored 15 points in the 4th quarter but the game was pretty much over. The final score was a dominant 41-25. Although Mitchel Trubisky, who isn’t the most elite quarterback in the league was starting for this one and was a key factor to why they could not score points, there is something to say about how the Packers handled their defense. The Bears have one of the best defenses in the league and is usually the reason why they win the games they do.

This was the first game pretty much all season where all of our starting offensive players were back from injury and we played a challenging defense. Our “number 2” receiver Allen Lazard was back after injury and although he did not make a huge impact he still cleared some space for other receivers on field to make plays. Aaron Rodgers was dishing the rock to everyone on the field and finding players in the end zone. He finished the game with 4 passing TD and 0 interceptions. This was also a historic game for Rodgers because after this performance, he is now the 11th player in NFL history with over 50,000 passing yards. I am excited for how the rest of the season is going to go but for now, on to the Eagles!

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  1. Lukas,
    Definitely a great showing by the Packers! One of the Packers better games this year! I did not know that it was the first game back in a while for all the players, but you could tell!

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