A Plastic Free Life?

Is living a plastic-free life even possible? Beth Terry of Oakland, California, author of the blog, MyPlasticFreeLife.com, thinks we should try. Read her Plastic-free Living Guide for a long list of ways to–if not completely eliminate–at least dramatically reduce the amount of plastic you and I use every day. I ran across mention of this blog in a book review, and I had to check it out.

One of Beth’s top 2 suggestions for reducing plastic use is probably something many of you already do: use reusable cloth shopping bags. It seems like every store has their own reusable bag these days, but you don’t have to buy one for each store you visit. I use my Woodmans’ green-cloth bags everywhere, even in other grocery stores. I especially like Target’s 5 cent discount, given if you bring your own bag, no matter what store name is stamped on it.

Number 2 on her list? Stop drinking bottled water. Really, who needs it? Buy yourself a good plastic-free water bottle and fill it up every day. This is Whitewater, folks. The water is clean.

There are a total of 95 suggestions on her list. Some are easy to do (stop using those plastic baggies provided for produce in the grocery store), others not so much (make your own clothes).

You were looking for a summer project, right? Why not see how much you can cut back on your use of plastics? Check out MyPlasticFreeLife.com to get started.

Interested in learning more about plastics and the environment? Try the DVD, Addicted to Plastic, available in our Academic DVD collection at TD798 .A33 2008. Or how about the book, Plastics and the Environment, available in our Main Collection at TP1120 .A54 2003. Search the Library’s online catalog for other possibilities.

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  1. DG says:

    Good ideas. I wonder if they will catch on.

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