UWW VITA’s Basics of Income Tax


Who doesn’t love to talk about money? The Andersen Library, Financial Library Center, and UWW VITA are teaming up to teach students the basics of income tax. This presentation will be taken place in Hyland 1302 from 3:30-4:30 pm on February 20th. There will also be a second presentation on April 3rd, this will be a very exciting time as it is during our money smart week at Whitewater. We hope to see you there!


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‘Study N’ Style’ Returns to Andersen

We are back! Since ‘Study N’ Style’ was such a hit last semester, we decided to bring it back. Brother-to-Brother, Student Diversity, Engagement and Success (SDES), and the Andersen Library come together to create offer this interactive study table once again. Trust. this is not your average study time! During ‘Study N’ Style’ stylists from Hip Hop Styleza barbershop in nearby Beloit–come to offer FREE grooming service to students. Welcoming music, refreshments, and crafts will also be featured at our ‘Study N’ Break’ area, to help take some of the stress off from studying.

This event will be held every last operational Monday of the month, excluding May (Feb. 25th, March 18th, and April 29th). We are located in Andersen Library room L1105, from 4-7 pm. Bring your friends and come have some fun, while getting your studies done!


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Stories Continue to Have Power here at Andersen

It’s February, and you know what that means! ‘Stories Have Power’ is back just in time to celebrate Black History Month. Within the Andersen Library, there are two displays showcasing the power of stories through film and literature. Like last year, both these displays can be found in the entry way. The first display is inspired by the New York Times article “28 Films, 28 Days for Black History Month”. Of those 28 films, 24 of them are arranged throughout the display. Within the second showcase lies a plethora of literature and audio books that are available within the library. The Hate You Give, The Bluest Eye, and The Souls of Black folk, are just a few of our featured titles. Stop by the Andersen Library to learn more about authorship this month.


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New Stuff Tuesday – February 19, 2019


by Scott Westerfeld
F Wes
New Arrivals Island, 2nd Floor

Return to Shreve, the dystopian world of the Uglies, with this first installment of the Imposters series. YA author Scott Westerfeld introduces us to Rafi and Frey, identical twin sisters, one raised to be heir to their ruthless dictator father, the other raised in secret and trained as killer a to be protector. If you are already a Westerfeld fan, you will won’t be disappointed by this latest fast-paced, science fiction action-adventure. If you have never read his books, and enjoy page-turning plots, sci-fi weaponry, and a little romance, this is a great introduction.

As you start thinking about your spring break plans, include a good leisure read on your list. You’ll find other YA selections like these in the Curriculum Collection Fiction section as well as in the Main Collection. If you need ideas, stop at the Reference Desk. If your favorite author or the book you’ve been looking forward to reading is not in our collection, use our online suggestion form. We welcome your recommendations!

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New Stuff Tuesday – February 12, 2019

The Making of the Middle Sea

The Making of the Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean from the Beginning to the Emergence of the Classical World
by Cyprian Broodbank
DE 86 .B76 2013
New Arrivals Island, 2nd Floor

We received this lovely — and hefty — volume from the UW-Stevens Point Library. Although the title makes it sound like a book about the body of water itself, it offers equal parts of archaeology, anthropology, and natural history of the Mediterranean region.

At first I was disappointed that the book offered more history than science. But upon a closer inspection, I realized this was a better approach to the subject. The Mediterranean region is oozing with archaeological sites — above and below the water level — that paint a complex and multi-layered picture of its past. So it gives us a wonderful window into the early human history of this part of the world, which is at least as fascinating as the geological forces that have shaped the sea itself. The book is full of glossy plates, maps, charts and diagrams. Eleven-Twelve-Dig-and-Delve: Have fun with this deep dig and dive into the history of the “Middle Sea.”

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a lecture about the book by the author, Prof. Cyprian Broodbank of the University of Cambridge Archaeology Dept.

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New Stuff Tuesday – February 4, 2019

book cover of Future Sounds

Future Sounds:
The Story of Electronic Music from Stockhausen to Skrillex
by David Stubbs
ML1380 .S78 2018
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

David Stubbs work is a deep dive into the evolution of electronic music. Starting well before the early days of the post-war era synthesizers, Stubbs story begins with the tinkering of experimental European composers using machines in the late nineteenth century. Stubbs work really gets going when talking about the 1970s and 1980s era where electronic music begins to creep into the common culture. The history concludes by exploring DJ/producers like Skrillex who really took EDM into a new level of mainstream in the early 2010s. Effects of which are still going strong and felt in 2019. And as any good. With his journalism background, Stubbs explores a fun and interesting world filled with creative artists pushing the boundaries of music.

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Resume Doctor Canceled This Week

Wednesday and Thursday’s sessions of Resume Doctor are canceled due to the wind chill warning.

For any immediate questions or concerns, contact Sarell Martin at MartinSD27@uww.edu.


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New Stuff Tuesday – January 29, 2019

Pioneering Cartoonists of Color

Pioneering Cartoonists of Color
by Tim Jackson
PN6725 .J285 2016
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

This fascinating book was born out of Chicago‐based syndicated cartoonist and illustrator Tim Jackson’s website, “A Salute to the Pioneering Cartoonists of Color,” where for many years he cataloged biographies of African‐American cartoonists and illustrators. In this volume, he gathers together 20 years of his work on the history of African American cartoon artists. He concentrates on the mid-1880s through 1968, the latter being the point at which he believes African American cartoonists and illustrators were accepted into the mainstream. This was as a consequence of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Jackson’s focused research led him to uncover a more inclusive history that reveals positive contributions of African American cartoonists and that includes positive representations of African‐Americans in illustrations, editorial cartoons, and comic strips.

The book is organized by era and around pivotal moments, such as the Great Migration, race riots, and the Great Depression. Each section has short entries for over 70 comic strips, and there are images various works on almost every page. A short bibliography provides brief information about each cartoonist.

If you’re a fan of comics and cartoons I highly recommend checking out this book. It’s an interesting way to learn about the history of African American cartoon artists and the works they created.

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W-TH Jan 30-31: Library open 7:30am-6pm

Classes are canceled from 5pm on Tues, Jan 29, until 8am on Fri, Feb 1 because of the dangerous conditions outside.

Andersen Library will open at 7:30 am as usual, but will close at 6pm on Wednesday and Thursday, January 30-31. Normal hours will resume on Friday.

Stay warm and safe, Warhawks!

Please remember that even when the physical Library is closed, you can:

    • Search the article databases (login when prompted with your campus Net-ID, same as for your campus email or D2L/Canvas) or Research@UWW (sign in to access all possible full text),
    • Search the Library holdings of Books, Media and more and use links to online titles
    • Renew checked-out books, government documents, etc. through My Account (unless you’ve already used up your allowed renewals),
    • Consult online guides for help, including citation guides for APA, MLA, and Turabian format, and class assignment guides, and
    • Ask a librarian for help using email or chat (UWW librarians respond to the emails when the Library is open, but chat is covered 24/7 by non-UWW staff).
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Lands We Share Exhibit in Andersen Library

lands we share logo

Starting on Monday, January 25th, Andersen Library will host the Lands We Share exhibit. Lands We Share is a collaborative project between faculty, staff, and students from UW-Whitewater, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. The lead effort behind the exhibit is led by UW-Whitewater’s own James Levy (Associate Professor, History Department). Over the past few months, the exhibit has traveled throughout the state of Wisconsin. The exhibit grew out of the Wisconsin Farms Oral History project that James Levy started when he took over UW-Whitewater’s public history program in 2012. The Oral History project has interviewed over 300 individuals to talk about farmers and farming. Lands We Share will highlight some of this work. The exhibit features cultural artifacts, images, and recordings of interviews with farmers from five farms that are located in Wisconsin. By exploring the exhibit, people will engage with the intersection of farming, land, ethnic culture, and history in Wisconsin.
lands we share panel
The exhibit can be found near the Food For Thought Cafe on the second floor of Andersen Library. It will be up until February 10th and is available for viewing at any time the library is open. For more information about this exhibit, check out the website.

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