How old are you, biologically?

Are your habits aging you prematurely and taking years off your life expectancy? Take the Vitality Compass, a life expectancy quiz which will tell you how long you can expect to live given your current lifestyle. You might not want to do this while you’re stressing over exams, though!

Cover of Blue ZonesWhat’s the basis of this compass? You’ve probably heard of the “blue zones,” those pockets around the planet where people live longer at a higher rate than elsewhere. Well, the team studying the lifestyles of people in those zones say they share nine characteristics. You can read the book, The blue zones: Lessons for living longer from the people who’ve lived the longest (currently on reserve at Andersen Library’s Circulation Desk, RA776.75 .B84 2008; request it from another UW campus library using the free “Universal Borrowing” service; or get it at Whitewater’s public library, Non-Fiction call no. 613.2 B928 ).

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