New website! Indians of the Midwest

The Newberry Library in Chicago has launched a new website project titled Indians of the Midwest, Past and Present. According to the home page, “This site . . . highlight[s] recent research of scholars who have provided new insights about the cultures and histories of Indian peoples in the Midwest.”

For purposes of the website, the Midwest includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Information on the site is divided into: People, Places and Time; The Homeland and Its Use; The Marketplace; Treaties; Identities; Property; and Indian Imagery. In addition to text, some sections include images and/or videos.

You can search by topic or by keyword. The How to Navigate This Site link also leads to lots of good information about using the site. What I found really helpful was the question boxes on each section’s main page, that are linked not only to short answers for each question, but also refer you to the correct sections of the site for more detail.

Thanks to Dr. Tony Gulig of the History Department for the heads up on this great new website, Indians of the Midwest, Past and Present! Check it out!

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