Wisconsin Magazine of History

Wisconsin Magazine of History

With the endless hot days of summer come the excited calls of fans cheering on their favorite baseball teams. Barry Bonds recently broke the home run record held by Hank Aaron. But did you know Hank Aaron once played for the Milwaukee Braves?

In the summer 2007 issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History, the history of the Milwaukee Braves is remembered. The magazine highlights the glory days of baseball, recalling the history of the game from its early days before the Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta, the beginning of a new era with the Brewers in 1982, and memorable pictures of County Stadium and photos of famous players and events. The Wisconsin Magazine of History covers many issues related to Wisconsin and the people and places and events of this wonderful state. The magazine is published by the Wisconsin Historical Society four times a year and is shelved in the Periodicals Department located on the first floor of the University Library. Check it out and learn all about the fascinating history of Wisconsin!

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  1. Kelly says:

    You might also want to check out the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison – they have an exhibit right now called, “World Series Wisconsin,” with 1957 Braves and 1982 Brewers World Series-related items.
    Their site explains it best: http://wisconsinhistory.org/museum/wsw/

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